Tissue Transfer Bird Vase

Image Transfer Vase
I’ve had this blue vase sitting around for awhile now, begging to be decorated.  It ended up in storage until I found inspiration to revamp it from none other than the beloved Graphics Fairy!  Follow along for another image transfer project using tissue paper, an ink jet printer and a plain vase as the substrate for the transfer.

Here is the vase I started with.

Mixed Media Home Decor

I got my image from Graphics fairy, and added a grunge background to it to give the vase an aged look.  I printed the image first onto clear label inkjet sheets by Avery, thinking I would end up with a transfer on a clear background, but the image printed very faded (see above the bottom bird image vs the upper left image printed on tissue paper).  I then printed the image on tissue paper and it came out much better (see technique here).  Here is the image with the background created in Photoshop…

Graphics Fairy Vintage Birds

Here is the vase after tissue transfer, spray paint cream stripe around the bottom, and twine embellishment…

Image Transfer Vase

Graphics Fairy Image Transfer

Graphics Fairy Image TransferMuch better now, don’t you think.  Worthy of leaving storage to be displayed for all who enter to see.  Graphics Fairy rocks.

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