Old Window turned Jewlery Display

Old Window Crafts

Need to display your jewelry in an economic, yet affordable way?!  Necessity + creativity + old window + chicken wire + staple gun = a nifty display with giant functionality.


  • Old window
  • Chicken wire (available at hardware store – $5.99 for a big ol’ roll)
  • Sand paper (medium grit)
  • Spray paint in color of your choice for window frame
  • Staple Gun
  • Clothes pins decorated with scrapbook paper


old window art

  • I am blessed to have friends that save things like old windows for me, knowing I will put them to use somehow in a process usually involving spray paint and power tools!  This is a window from one of those friends.  Cost… $0.  Saweeeet!  I removed the hardware, knocked out the glass with a hammer (be extremely careful – I am not responsible for any lacerations that result from following these instructions)!  I must say, I quite enjoyed that part.  Sometimes one just needs to shatter glass.  Try it before you judge me!
  • Sand with medium grit sand paper (I used 150) and wipe away debris with damp rag.  I didn’t go crazy on this part.  I wanted the surface to look old and crackled after spray painting it, so if you are going for new and pristine, you probably want to put some more time into stripping off the old paint.
  • Using Krylon Fusion, I spray painted the window frame in a cream color.  This stuff is just the right paint for me.  It sticks to anything, and requires no primer.  It is marketed specifically for plastic.  I use it all the time on everything.
  • Cut chicken wire to fit window, and staple gun it to the back of your window.  Like magic, a perfect spot for your wares, bank account unharmed!

I would love to hear the creative ways you display your pieces.


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