Homemade Anti-aging Remedy

Dr Oz


Do you guys get sucked in by the loads  of anti-aging serums out there?  Each one promises striking results, and can cost hundreds  of dollars.  Even if you don’t by the super expensive creams, trying several lower cost solutions adds up over time.  I am excited to share with you a remedy I saw on Dr.  Oz and tried myself. It was part of his $5 cures segment, and you can most likely have the ingredients to throw it together right now – egg whites and carrot juice!

3 eggs white

3 tbsp carrot juice


Directions: Mix the ingredients together. Apply mask with cotton swabs. Let it sit until it starts to flake (about 15 minutes for me).  Rinse face with water to remove mask.

Egg whites consist of  proline, an amino acid important in collagen synthesis. Carrots contain retinol – a form of vitamin A that reduces the signs of aging.  The mask felt resfreshing and cool on application.  I am not claiming to have looked and felt younger, but there was a tightness immediately after the mask, and it was as effective as any expensive serum I have tried.  I am going to use this once a week for sure.  I think I will cut the recipe to 1 egg white and 1 tbsp carrot juice, since I had  a bunch of extra solution.  I am not sure if you can refrigerate it and use it again, or if the active components break down after awhile.

What are your favorite home remedies?


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