Thrifty Lamp and Stand Revamp

Painted lamp makeoverSo excited about this project.  Love how it turned out, and it cost me a grand total of $3.oo (not including paint and primer, which I had on hand).  The lamp, the shade  and the little stand are all separate garage sale scores.  None of them had anything going for them, except for the fact that they were dirt cheap.  I have a hard time passing up home decor items that are $1 or less.   I have learned what a difference some paint can make.  Follow along as I show you the process…


  • Primer
  • Acrylic paint
  • Krylon Fusion Spray Paint (Black Gloss)
  • Old ugly lamp you found for cheap
  • Lil plant stand or something you aren’t really sure what to call, but you grabbed it cause it was $1

Plant stand Old Lamp












  • For the lamp, I just cleaned it with baby wipes, dried off with paper towel and dismantled to separate the glass from the metal and wood I wanted to paint.

Dismantled lamp

  • Next, I applied primer with my paintbrush to all the parts I would be painting.

Krylon Primer
Primer on lamp metal

  • After the primer dried overnight, I mixed acrylic paints to a my desired shade of red and painted the primed areas.  Once this was dry, I reassembled the lamp.
  • For the stand, I simply wiped it clean with baby wipes and spray painted it with Krylon Fusion, which sticks to anything, no primer needed.  I used black gloss.  It dries in 15 minutes and requires no prep.  That is my kind of spray paint.

Here it is all done.  The lamp cost $1.50, the shade $0.50 and the stand $1, a steal if you ask me.  Remember this the next time you run across inexpensive ugly home decor!

Painted lamp makeover

Finished painted lamp and stand

Lamp Makeover DIY

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