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Craft Room Storage MakeoverMy entire craft room is filled with storage contraptions I have picked up here and there, and prettied up, of course.  I think this most recent acquisition and makeover is my favorite of all.  At my town’s yearly, gigantic and awesome community sale I spied this mail cube used in offices.  I instantly thought, craft storage… sweet! She was only $5!  Not the purdiest, but that has never stopped me.  Home with me she came…

Old Cabinet MakeoverI scrubbed and scrubbed some more, removing tape name labels galore.  Whatever establishment utilized this must have had a high turnover because, much to my dismay, many of the labels had labels under them with a different name and more tape.  I used adhesive remover to get the little globs left after the tape and paper were removed.  Once I got her all cleaned up, I just spraypainted the front with Krylon Fusion Black, and the sides and top with Krylon Fusion Red.  I love this stuff cause it goes on anything and you don’t need primer.

Once she dried, I moved her into her new home and filled her with some of my stash.  Matches nicely with the file cabinet I redid, here.  No need to buy expensive storage!

Craft Room Storage

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