This Week in Running…

Ok, so it has been about awhile since I have been into distance running.  As I mentioned here, we are marathon training again.  Our actual training schedule starts 6/12/11, but we are building up the mileage already in anticipation of what lies ahead.  This week brought;

Total mileage: 45 miles
Long run: 10 miles

Not getting into tempo runs or speed work yet, just focusing on mileage.  I did sneak in some Yasso 800’s last week, out of shear boredom.  If you aren’t familiar with them, google it.  They are simple, painful, and quite effective in shaving minutes off of one’s marathon time.  As far as hill work goes, I moved to southern Indiana, where every run is inherently a hill workout.

One of my favorite things ever is running with my doggies.  They can tell when I am getting ready to hit the pavement in the mornings.  They follow me around, each hoping  I will choose him to accompany me.  Guess who I picked today…

This pic is the entire reason for this post!
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