Polymer Clay Gifts: A Tutorial Round Up


Polymer Clay Roundup
Pearl Ex Light Switch Covers:  Over at Jacquard Products is this cool light switch cover tutorial using Pearl Ex Powders.  These powders are beautifully metallic, and a little TINY bit goes a very long way.  I use them on polymer clay often, and also to tint my acrylic paints if I am going for a pearlescent effect.
Polymer Clay Framed Mixed Media Wall Art;  Over at Cute and Some Blog is a great mixed media tutorial.  She uses a cherub ornament to make a mold for the clay!  She goes into some nice detail.  I can’t wait to try this.
Filigree Eggs Using Cutaway Technique: I found this beautiful egg tutorial over at SaraJane’s Poly Clay Gallery.  I have used this technique to make mosaic tiles.  It is easy once you get the feel of the blade when slicing the raised areas after stamping.
Polymer Clay Fan Pulls Over at 2 Good Claymates is a tutorial on making a fan pull from a large clay bead.  The tutorial does not cover making the actual bead, but on turning a bead into a fan pull.  There is an option to buy a tutorial detailing how to make the beads.  Or you can just use your own bead designs to make the fan pull!
Polymer Clay Photo Keychain: I found this cute idea at HGTV.  What a great memory keeper!  I plan to make one with my doggies.
Felt Bowl With Polymer Clay Base:  Another HGTV find, combining polymer clay and felt!
What are your favorite polymer clay tutorials?  This medium is inexpensive, versatile, and user friendly.  If you haven’t clayed, do so now!
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