Mosaic Newbie

My friend has been encouraging me to dabble with mosaics for several months.  Monday I joined her in a simple mosaic stone project.  We gathered our supplies:

  • Garden stone; She thinks she got these at Lowes for $0.35.  I hope she is right.  I have not verified this!
  • Broken glass in different colors;  She had this left over from another project.

I drew out my circle triangle design with a marker on the stone.  Next, I spread a thin layer of the adhesive onto the stone in 3 square inch segments, and placed my stones in the colors I liked.  The design was intentionally very simple, since this was my first mosaic project.  I just wanted to get a feel for the process.  We let the glue dry overnight, then applied the grout, following the directions on the bottle.  I basically smeared the grout over the piece like I was icing a cake.  Then I waited 30 minutes and smoothed away the excess using a damp cloth.  Here is my final result…


This was actually way simpler than I thought it would be.  For some reason I have always been intimidated by mosaic projects.  This little project has inspired me to dive into something more complex.
Here are some cool freebie tutorials I have bookmarked under “To Do”…

*Great beginner tips at MosaicArtSupply.Com, here;

Photo courtesy of MosaicArtSupply

*There are tons of free mosaic projects and tips at Making Mosaics, here.

Next time, I will make sure my pieces of glass/tile are the same thickness.  This would have made grouting much easier.  I will also place my pieces closer together, and use smaller pieces for more detail and thinner grout lines.  I have a stool I scored at a yard sale that is begging for a mosaic top.  Keep your eyes peeled for bargain mosaic substrates while garage sale season is at its peak!
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