Amsterdam Printing: Custom Promotional Items Galore

I am always on the lookout for businesses that can place my designs onto products.  Recently I was introduced to and am excited to pass along this wonderful source for everything from tote bags to t-shirts to carabiners, all customized to your specifications!

There are loads of companies that offer these services, but some things stand out to me about  They have a monster selection of promotional items, and lower pricing compared to competitors (click GOPromos promotional items).  I love the idea of handing out something besides business cards at craft shows, something people will actually use instead of just toss in the trash can.  The pens and coffee mugs are great, and I am loving the idea of personal notepads since I am always jotting down ideas.  

 I am most interested in their T-shirts, as I want to have some of the “word art” designs I incorporate into my pendants placed on shirts.  They have a wide variety of styles to choose from.  I am placing an order for a couple of samples of the shirts pictured with my designs.  I will report back once I get them!  

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