Crochet Beaded Bracelet With Instructions

So, yesterday I posted three projects I wanted to tackle, and I finished one of the three!  I am ok with that.  It was harder than I thought to crochet this bracelet.  I kept having to start over because I just couldn’t keep track of the thread, or really see what was going on.  I finally switched from size 8 pearl cotton thread to size three cotton crochet thread.  MUCH easier to see what was going on from that point forward.  I used size 6/0  beads.

Instructions are here.  The bracelet is worked in a continuous spiral.  The instructions show 6 beads per row.  I did 5 instead since i was using thicker thread and didn’t want the end result to be too bulky.  To finish, I added metal rounded bead caps  and a toggle clasp.

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