Yarn + Styrofoam + Kindling = Thrifty DIY Flowers

This project was way, way simple and frugal.  It took like 15 minutes total.  Seriously.  I have always been a fan of the poppy flower look.  I alluded to this project in this post, the painted vases.  I love how they turned out…
All you need are these styrofoam spheres, a small amount of yarn of your choice and some sticks from your yard (or maybe your neighbor’s yard).
Just wrap the yarn around the spheres, covering all the white of the styrofoam and tuck in the loose end when you are finished…
Then push your sticks into the styrofoam.   I washed my sticks off with soap and water, and broke them to the size I wanted.  That is it.  Lovely poppy yarn flowers.  Just a few supplies that you probably have on hand, and twigs you would use to make smores!  
These would be so cute made with strips of old newspaper, or music sheets, ya think?
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