Knitted Hearts Door Knob Hanger

knitted hearts door hanger
I got this project from the book Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet, by Mags Kandis.

Here is a photo of the knit hearts before felting.  I love how felting (see above pics) makes the individual stitches disappear.  It helps hide errors for those of us (me) who are beginning knitters.  I felted my hearts in the washing machine.

There is a cute pattern for crochet felted coasters in the book that I am excited to try as well.  I prefer the way knit stitches look over crochet stitches, but when felting, it doesn’t really matter to me since the individual stitches aren’t really visible.  Since I am much faster at crochet than knit, next time I will use this pattern by Sucrette.  I just found her blog, and am loving it!  She shares some adorable patterns.
I  used nylon crochet thread to string the beads and hearts together.  Great quick project for adding some colorful love to a room.  What a cute nursery mobile or fireplace mantel garland these would make!  Enjoy…
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