Flea Market Coffee Table Revamp

I found the above coffee table at a local flea market for $3.  I knew I wanted to move the current family room coffee table into the craft room as part of my complete craft space reorganization (whole other post, that one is).    The whole thing was the orange color you see on top.  I sanded it and sprayed the whole table with Krylon fusion Cream.  Once that dried, I used home accents black acrylic paint with some glaze and iridescent gold acrylic paint from Golden’s to create a marbled effect, mainly golden with dark undertones.
After that was dry, I arranged little 2.75 inch origami paper squares to my liking, and adhered them with Matte gel Medium.  I then covered the entire top with a layer of the Matte Gel Medium.  After all that dried, I covered the table with 3 layers of Minwax Polycrylic for shine and durability.  I love how it looks tiled.  Easy project, and frugal too.  Bliss.

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