Hi From Tampa Bay; Local Doodles

My adventures exploring the area surrounding our hotel revealed crazy eyed hot dog graffiti and whimsical, fun, artsy reminders to buckle up. Love it. Safety first, followed closely by creativity and aesthetics! The girl in the bottom pic reminds me of Stewart from Mad TV. It is a pose he would strike after setting up with “look what I can do!”.

All this was after a blissful morning run in the sunshine and 70 degree temps. Back up even further to the airport departing gate; I spotted a cross pendant on the ground. I bent over and snatched it up, looking around to try and spy its owner. My husband pointed to a nearby lady (no idea what drew him to her of all the people waiting to board), so I approached her with the pendant. Thus began a new friendship. Turns out she had made the pendant, is a jewelry designer and happens to be the mother of the lead singer of a famous band I was obsessed with in high school. Her soon died tragically in 1995. I didn’t ask my new friend how she felt about being mentioned on my blog, so no names for now. We do have jewelry making plans, and kindred souls. How wonderful that a cross brought us together. Ah the symbolism.
Unrelated: This week I am launching a new segment on Saved By Love Creations, where we get up close and personal with an various artisans. I am so excited about the debut artist, I can’t wait to share her work with you. Stay tuned!!
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