Guest Post With Hani; Nylon Lotus Flower Tutorial

Hello Readers of Saved By Love Creations


I am Hani from Craftionary
I am so excited to be here. Today, I am sharing the tutorial on nylon lotus
or water lily to welcome Spring




Use your old stockings and make beautiful flowers this spring.These are very simple to make and trust me they lookbeautiful. I used to see them and think that they might be difficult to make. But seriously when I tried my hand on it; it was so easy and fast.
You will need:
Wire, floral tape, thread, stem wire, stamens and your choice of nylon


A complete guide can be found at Materialand Basic Nylon Flower


To make the petals simply wound the wire around a round cap or lid and twist the end


Now cover it with nylon and thread it at the end. Then cut of the excess of nylon


You will need the material listed below. Note: If you don’t have the rings you can use caps, lids etc of the mentioned diameter. For example: size (4) means diameter 4.


Wind the thread around any circle. Make a hook at one end of the wire, hook in the thread and twist the wire to close. Then twist the wire around the stem wire firmly. Thread 8 double-sided yellow stamens to the stem wire as well.



Thread the petals. Starting from the smallest petals moving on to the largest petals. Once all the petals are threaded, wrap floral tape to hide the wires. See the picture below to get my point:






Open the petals and your done. Don’t you just love the wideness and openness
of the lotus. It’s a beautiful flower I can’t adore it more.



You can keep it over the leaves and let it float over water in a bowl
or decorate with stones or glasses in a vase.


“This season be glad for the beauty around you and instead of picking flowers make artificial flowers to welcome the spring. Still if you love the real thing, please pot a flower and don’t decorateit in a vase. We should care for what we love. After all it’s our world. “



A few of my favorite projects lately:








Thanks for having me Johnnie. I enjoyed being here.





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