Crafty Hippo Designs Free Blog Makeover; Hurry!

Did you see my post from last week, the one where I threw my hands up and cried out to the blogosphere… “HELP”? I was in the midst of attempting to turn a design I made in photoshop into my actual website. Yeah, it was humbling and frustrating – next time I will reach out for help sooner. Really, I was just venting, I certainly didn’t expect what happened as a result of my post…

Jeannette over at Crafty Hippo Designs left me a comment saying maybe she could help. A few emails and a couple of days later, I had my new design, just the way I wanted it. It turns out Jeannette is launching her design services business, and was looking for some sites to revamp for FREE to build her portfolio. How cool is that? The stars aligned, we connected, and I am thrilled with my new design. I will be asking for help more often!

She was a pleasure to work with, very accommodating, thorough and quick. You need to head over to her site and jump on this chance to have your blog redone for FREE. She is only taking two more, so hurry up now. No WordPress at this time, just Blogger. Sign up to follow her new blog and help spread the word. She does great work, and even if it is too late for a freebie, I have a feeling she will be quite reasonable.

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