Thrifty Thursday Blog Hop Week 3

Week three already… wow. Join Thrifty Thursdays and showcase your frugal recipes, projects or ideas. Or just join and enjoy!

Some things:
*If you don’t have a thrifty post to link to, feel welcome to join the hop anyway, and link to your main blog.
*Grab my “Thrifty Thursday” button above and throw it on your lovely site. Help me get the word out there so the hop grows!
*I will choose 2 participants to feature the following Thursday, and I will place their button in my ad space for the week. Free adverts. Woohoo. Please drop by and say hello to the feature bloggers. And follow them if it pleases!
*Follow the blogs that toot your horn, and feel free to follow anyone who follows you. Make sure to leave comments so you will be recognized as a new follower.
*Leave me a comment so I can visit you!

Feature Lovely Bloggers

1. Kelly at My Simple Walk:

Tons of craft videos and inspiration for living simply! I love that Kelly is documenting her journey towards living with 100 things. That is awesome. Check out her most recent post, a video on making Christmas tree ornaments!

Heather has compiled some wonderful DIY home decor tutorials. If you are looking for some inspiration, skip google, and go here. She has already done the work, and has wonderful taste! Thanks Heather!
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