Lightly Felted Men’s Fingerless Gloves With Pattern

It is crunch time folks, and I am knitting myself right into an arthritis diagnosis. I do this every Christmas. Handmade mania with an emphasis on wooly treasures to temper the winter freezes.My nephew wanted fingerless mitts and here is what I came up with (after making 3 oddly shaped gloves I would rather forget). I used Stitch Nation yarn by Debbie Stoller called “Full o’ Sheep”, 100% peruvian wool.

Here is the pattern I used, which I found at Piece By Piece. I used size 5 circular needles and the magic loop method. This pattern called for size 6 needles, but i knit BIG, so I dropped down a size. I also decided to machine wash felt the finished mitts for 10 minutes. It makes a fuzzier, tighter, neater knit, smaller mitt. Taylor will love. I am considering some button embellishments or maybe some embroidery. Off to knit more…

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