Last Name Wall Art DIY


I saw these 6 rounded corner square pics at Goodwill and picked them up for a total of $3. It occurred to me in the store that my last name has 6 letters… perfect. I have been wanting to create thrifty last name wall art for awhile now. Check out the steps I took…”1. I lightly sanded the pics and cleaned away debris with a damp towel.
2. Cut scrapbook paper to size and adhere to surface using matte gel medium, mod podge or decoupage medium of your choice
3. Smooth paper to remove any air bubbles using brayer (This step is quite effective in getting rid of bumps).
4. To create the backgrounds: I did an acrylic wash using a dab of red “Golden” brand acrylic with water; let dry completely. I then stamped on the papers randomly with texture patterns in bright orange, painted white acrylic dots of varying sizes randomly, painted a white border with graphite pencil drop shadow, sprayed with shimmer mist and doodled starbursts and scratches…
5. The Name: Draw letters onto boards; I used vinyl stencils I cut out with my cricut and white acrylic paint to do mine. I outlined and blended with graphite pencil to make the letters stand out.
6. Seal with acrylic fixative
7. I adhered to wall using Command picture hanging strips…


That is all. Fun customized thrifty last name wall art! You can create some amazing effects with layering stamps, acrylic washes, doodles, textures, fibers, fabrics, tissue paper. My favorite thing about layering is you can feel free to try whatever you want, and if the outcome is not quite what you had hoped, just cover over the top with something different. This takes off the pressure I place on myself to make it perfect, and frees me to be spontaneous. You can do this on any surface. You may need to prime with Gesso first. I didn’t since I was using cardstock.Total cost: $3 + materials I had on hand. SCORE.

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