Got Scrubs??

With the barrage of medical shows on prime time, it is no wonder that scrubs are kinda… stylish (thank you Patrick Dempsey).They are one of my favorite aspects of working in the medical field as they are so comfy, and are seemingly coming out in cuter cuts, colors and prints.
My momma is a registered nurse and recently turned me on to Blue Sky Scrubs, where she heads for her favorite nursing uniforms. By “turned me on to” I, of course, mean she stated plainly that she would like a gift certificate from Blue Sky for Christmas. She swears these scrubs make anyone look good.
I decided to investigate, and was happy to find there is a variety of cheap medical scrubs, with cute stitching detail around the pockets on both the top and pants. They even have a variety of clearance scrubs.
I plan to order while getting my mom’s Christmas gift. I will let you know how it goes!

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