Feature: Bloomington Handmade Market Artisan, Katie Vernon

I was blessed to attend Bloomington Handmade Market this weekend, and it was almost more than I could handle. Such a wonderful variety of unique art, a handmade haven, it was. Everyone I met had work I was drooling over, and Katie Vernon was no exception. I fell in love with Katie’s illustrations immediately. As you can see, her work is beautifully, whimsically one of a kind. Her adoration of animals and nature shine with her organic florals unfolding from creature forms. She even does custom work, like the daschund and cat. I will most certainly be commissioning her to work her magic on my beagle and jack russell.
She was as delightful in person as I would expect the creator of this work to be, gladly explaining her techniques and inspiration. The hedgehog is so darn adorable, I may just flip out if I look at it one more time. Go here, to Katie’s base website, where you can read her bio and access her blog, ETSY store and Picasa album displaying more of her wonderful work. If you are buying Christmas gifts for the free spirited animal lover in your life (like me, for example… ahem, husband of mine… hint hint), Katie can take care of you – and she is way underpriced in my opinion!

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