Thrift Store Jewelry Box to Whimsical Treasure Trinket Box


This was one of the more gratifying projects I have had the pleasure of doing in awhile. You know when everything goes smoothly and effortlessly, and you love the outcome? This was one of those sessions. YAY!

I picked up this jewelry box at Salvation Army for $0.99. I dissembled it, spray painted it silver, went to town with some scrapbook paper and dye ink pads, and here you go. Jewelry boxes are easy to find at garage sales and thrift stores. They are a great way to use up random scraps of paper from earlier projects, and make awesome gifts. The problem is, I always want to keep them. This one may go to my niece for Christmas, although it is looking really cute in my kitchen. What can’t you do with scrapbook paper?! Love it.


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