Perfect Love; My New Ankle Tattoo!

For several years, I have wanted to cover a tattoo on my ankle with something more… me. I got a lil flower put there on a whim when I was too young to even legally get a tattoo. I was always pushing the limits – that is a whole other story. So… a few years back I decided to have the flower lasered off, a multi step process of which I only complete one treatment. The process was painful both financially and physically, to the point that I never went back, leaving me with an undefined blob of random color where the flower once lived.

Through a series of events and thanks to facebook, I have recently reconnected with a lovely friend (see above), whose husband happens to be a tattoo artist. Our reunion was permanently recorded in the shape of the cross you see above. I knew I wanted a cross, since nothing is so important as what Christ did upon the cross. The text came to me as I was working on the design. I love it. I love the reminder. Jake did a wonderful job. Seeing Angel was a blessing. Check out more of his work here, on his facebook page. Blessings…

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