Monday Musings; Above the Cabinet Decor Inspiration!

I have never really known what to do with that space between the tops of my kitchen cabinets and the ceiling. I still don’t really know what I am going to do, but here are some things I came across today…

It all started when I came across this post, over at Thrifty Decor Chick. It is really about lighting, which she details step by step, and you can see her take on decorating this space;

She used a framed picture, some black vinyl lettering, some vases, and other items I bet I either have around the house, or could pick up for a great price at a thrift store. I also really like the lighting.
Here are some more pics I encountered. I like the plate idea, I just don’t know for sure where I am going to go with it.
This is a great kitchen from Country Living. These colors do it for me! I wish my cabinets were white, but that is a project I am not committed enough to this house to tackle.
Found the above cool array of trays over at Our Suburban Cottage.
What have you put in that space begging to be utilized and made beautiful? I need your help. I am floundering here. Teach me, teach me please!

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