Polymer Clay Day 83: Monogram Key Top Covers



So I was having keys made for my 2 favorite I.U. students, Jenni and Abbey, when it occurred to me to cover the key tops with monogramed clay cuteness. I swear you can do just about anything with polymer clay. My car is missing the driver side visor, and when driving into the blinding light, I often consider making one out of clay. Then I turn right or left, soon forgetting the recent retinal assault, only to remember the next trip while driving into the light.

Anyway… This was simple, quick, personal and full of the sentiment “my casa su casa”. Love you girls!
On another note, polymer clay mosaic tile project in progress. I am having a ridiculously wonderful time making the tiles. Love love love it. Oh, and I went to an art festival today and took many pics, so keep on the lookout for some bliss…
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