Inspired Bottle Cap Pendants


Ok. I have seen these around on various websites and at craft shows and have wanted to take a go at my own for awhile. I love the repurposed aspect of this project. Who new bottle caps could be so freaking adorable and inspiring.

These are simple to make.
1. With a hammer and nail, I made a hole in the bottle cap and stuck in a jump ring for the chain.
2. I used a one inch circle punch to cut out my paper, which fit perfectly. This made me happy since I can’t cut free hand to save a life, and doing this with cricut would have involved more paper/mat switching then I care to tackle. I used a thin layer of glossy accents by Ranger to adhere the paper circles to the inside of the bottlecaps.
3. For the words, I printed from photoshop onto cardstock, and ripped them out for a torn effect.
4. I used glossy accents for the clear hard coating, letting it dry overnight.
That is it. There are 5 million tutorials online that cover this. I used glitter in a few of them. Try stamping, shimmer mist, jewels… go nuts. Have a good ol’ time.


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