Spray Paint Table Tutorial

GoodwillEndTable4This table was just waiting at Goodwill for me to find it. It was $5.99 and it happened to have a blue tag… AND the 50% off color was BLUE!!

I loved the shape and the shelves, and knew all it need was some scrubbing and spray paint.

I washed the table down with a soapy rag, and wiped it dry with a towel. I didn’t have to sand, or prime (YIPPIE) because I found a can of Krylon Fusion spray paint in just the color I wanted, amongst my supplies. Cocoa Brown Textured Shimmer… this stuff is great. It bonds to plastic takes minimal prep and dries super fast.

You can’t see the shimmer quality to well in this overexposed picture, but it is beautiful. I love frugal makeovers like this. Take some spray paint to that old piece of furniture that needs a bit of love! About the card on the table… stay tuned for a tutorial on handmade cards using a watercolor stamping technique!

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