Wooden Monogram Shabby Chic Polymer Clay

JALLI can’t stand that I haven’t posted for a few days. Good to know my type A personality is alive and well. This is a monogram project for a friend’s daughter, who is graduating next week. I used scrapbook paper and embellishments to beautify an all white wooden “J” I got at Michael’s. Used Adirondack paint dauber for the purple sides. I made the tag out of clay, yes out of clay – which inspired my new blog theme for the next few months… 100 days of polymer clay. Everyday will be a post with a project that uses polymer clay in some fashion. I hope to learn a lot, and to post with greater regularity. Clay is quickly becoming my favorite medium. Day 1 down (the tag). I will have to take a break June 5-11, as I will be on a trip, and my husband won’t let me drag along the toaster oven. Boo.

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