DIY God Box For a Restful Soul


Letting go and letting God. His faithfulness abounds, yet I am capable of grabbing ahold of worry as though I am in this thing alone.
When I get consumed in the waves of my brain, forgetting I am not – and was never – in control, taking what action I can usually provides relief. Often I am powerless to change the circumstances over which I fret, since I cannot control people, places or things. That is when complete reliance on the God of my understanding is indispensable. But what does that really mean? I have come to understand “letting go” as releasing worry. Meaning I no longer churn the issue about in my mind. If concern sneaks in there and reveals itself to my conscious, I pray that I am given guidance. If I can’t change the situation, I pray my heart be changed to a state of acceptance. Sometimes, though, prayer answered in His time seems slow coming and my mind continues to spin. That is when taking a physical action, in the realm of my human senses, brings the instant gratification/relief I seek…
Hence, my inspiration to create a God box. I can physically write my concern on paper and place it in the box, thereby symbolically giving it to my Counselor and Friend. Respite from my mental battles comes, and that compulsion to react emotionally to challenges lessens, even vanishes altogether.
Remembering He is with me in the storms of this world and relying fully on Him is always the solution.
“My soul finds rest in God alone.” – Psalm 62



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