Tip on Large Format Photo Prints

Before I started selling my art prints online, I had a local gallery wall. I would order prints myself, and frame them using second hand frames I had refinished.
During that time, I explored many different photo printing options. I still occasionally need this service. I have found 2 options to be high quality and frugal friendly…
1. Short Run Posters – This is an online service that prints 18×24 for $2 per print, with their logo branded on the back, or $4 without their logo. I always order with logo, since I framed the prints before selling them. The logo was small and only visible on the back of the print. At either price, these are obscenely cheap. I thought it was a joke, but have used this company several times, no problems. I have 3 of the prints hanging on my walls. They look great. A great option if you are not in a hurry, as it usually took about 8 days from order to arrival. There is also a flat fee for shipping of $10. They are based in Tennessee and use UPS for shipping.
2. Snapfish in Store pick-up – I pick up my prints at Meijer near my house. I upload the desired image, and an hour later I pick up my 16×20 inch prints for $6.97. The quality is great. This is perfect for when someone wants a project quickly. They have been behind before, but only a couple of hours, and they gave me a discount for waiting.
Let me know if you have questions. Or if you know of great large format printing options for the frugal minded. Comments make me happy…
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