Scrapbook Photo Collage Using Photoshop…

This is the first time I have used scrapbook digital downloads for a photoshop project. I down load this awesome vintage set from Shabby Princess. SO cute.

If you are familiar with photoshop layers, you will have no problem creating one of these on your own.
I took the each original pic, adjusted color to sepia and used a grunge frame brush in black in new layer above. Used “transform” to adjust each frame to fit pic, then merged each frame layer to its pic. Below each framed pic layer, I placed and sized the brown paper from the pack. After merging the brown paper with each framed pic, I created a custom shadow for each pic – I selected pixels of each framed pic layer, created a new layer below, and filled selection with brown. Then I added gaussian blur at px 29.
Below all layers I placed the green paper from the free download linked above. I painted the vines in a new layer above the gree using floral brushes, and placed the top left rose from the download as well. I made custom shadows using gaussian filter as described with pic layers. Lastly, I added torn paper edge, using Alien Skin Splat filter.
If you are not familiar with photoshop, you likely have no idea what I am talking about. The good news is that you can learn like I did. By doing countless hours of free online tutorials, getting frustrated at times, but sticking with it because you absolutely love it and have no other choice.
The princess Ava is my niece. My brother and sister in law are building a new house. I see this going will in Ava’s sage and pink bedroom. Off to find a frame. I am happy to answer questions…
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