Quilting for Beginners

I finally made the jump from non sewing chic to proud (yet clueless) Singer Esteem II owner. I have tons of fabrics, because I like to decoupage various objects with funky prints. Don’t even get me started on all the cool things you can do with fabric that do not involve sewing.
So I find a great deal on this machine, bring it home, watch the instructional DVD, go to follow along in threading the bobbin, when it dawns on me that I have no thread. Pretty key ingredient. I guess I kinda assumed that in the big box bearing Martha Stewart’s smiling mug, would be everything I could ever need.
So off to the craft store AGAIN. They love me there. Back with thread. Good to go. Except for a plan…
Opted to cut 30 squares out of coordinating fabric, which I would stitch together in 6 rows, 5 columns. In my mind, I envisioned piecing these squares together to be the most difficult part of the endeavor. After cutting 30 not even close to square pieces, that resembled each other very little in size and shape, I called my sister. Aka Quilt Diva. She pointed me to a squaring quilt ruler thingy in combo with healing mat and rotary blade, and away from my big scissors. I have never in my life been able to cut a straight line. With the advice of the pro, I soon found myself with 30 real squares. They were square. And the same size.
I stitched them together in no time flat, creating the quilt top shown above. I was pretty impressed with myself. I had quickly thrown together a lovely quilt, fairly effortlessly…
Little did I know what remained to be done. More to follow, once I either go take a class, or kidnap my sis.
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