Pier One inspired fabric wall flower…



While at Pier One last weekend, I saw this fun decoupage fabric flower canvas.  The price tag was something like… $way to much and ten cents, so I decided to create my own version for way less.  I snapped a photo with my handy dandy phone and was off to hack this must have piece.  After some photoshop time, I had templates for the petals from my phone pic and the fun began.  Here is my final piece, and how I did it!
You will need:
*Canvas (got mine at goodwill, had a painting on it – $3, size 24x36in)
*A piece of material large enough to cover your canvas and wrap around the edges wrapping a gift. Mine came from the fabric remnant bin at Joanne’s fabric; $2.99
*Several pieces of fabric with various prints to coordinate with your home decor, for the petals (mine are leftover scraps from previous endeavors)
*Scissors, Modge Podge or other decoupage medium
*Paper and printer for template to cut the petals out of the fabric scraps
*Staple gun or hot glue gun to attach background fabric to canvas
1. Iron background fabric if need be
2. Attach to canvas, wrapping like a gift and stapling on backside (Great How About Orange tutorial here).
3. I used the actual photo I shot with my cell phone (above), opened it in photoshop, blew it up to 400% ,and printed out the different petals (there are five different sized petals, and the central circle)
4. Count the petals to determine how many of each size you will need, and cut them out of your fabric.
5. Arrange them on the canvas, on top of the attached background fabric, and coat each petal generously with modge podge. I painted on 2 additional coats of 3/4 modge podge 1/4 water, allowing the piece to dry between each.
I think that’s it. Let me know if you have questions. And show us your pics when you are finished!
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