Fabric Wall Hanging DIY

This is an old tapestry I got at Pier One, probably 10 years ago. I have draped it over various things in the slew of apartments I inhabited during college. It’s edges are worn in spots, and it just needed to go, or to take on a new form.

For this EASY project you will need:
1. Any piece of fabric you would like to display as shown. I bet you could score a treasure if you put in some thrift store time.
2. An unfinished wood dowel rod and “knobs” – I got both at Joanne’s (can you tell it is around the corner from my house?), for a couple of dollars. Any curtain rod would work.
3. Tassels or other embellishments.
4. Wood stain if you want, or just leave rod as is.
5. Curtain clip rings large enough in diameter to
slide onto your rod.
And Viola! My stepdaughter actually asked if there was a window behind it. Oh, Michelle.
Let me know it you have questions.
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