DIY Crepe Paper Roses

How to Make Crepe Paper Roses[pinit]

Make easy crepe paper roses with DIY and template @savedbyloves[pinit]

Spring is in the air and paper flowers are popping up all over the place.  Today’s project fits right in with the flower mania, and can be created in loads of colors to fit your style.  Crepe paper is perfect for making realistic looking roses.  It stretches and curls in a way that is perfect for mimicking actual petals.  Grab some crepe paper sheets in your favorite colors and let’s get started!

Make easy crepe paper roses with DIY and template @savedbyloves


Crepe Paper Sheets in Petal colors (streamer rolls won’t work for petals since they are not wide enough)

Green crepe paper sheet or streamer roll for leaves


Glossy accents or other paper glue

Floral tape

Floral Wire

Pencil or bamboo skewer

Petal and leaf template (click thumbnail below to reveal full size template and print)

Paper rose petal and leaf template free printable

Make easy crepe paper roses with DIY and template @savedbyloves


I showed you how to make roses using scrapbook paper and the above template in this PAPER ROSE DIY WITH TEMPLATE post.

Follow the same steps, using crepe paper instead.  I had a hard time finding crepe paper sheets, but then ran into a huge stash of it at my local Goodwill.  Score!  I linked where you can find some on Amazon under supplies above.

You can cut several layers of the crepe paper at once, for several petals with one cut.

Make easy crepe paper roses with DIY and template @savedbyloves

Making these with crepe paper was easier than using cardstock since the crepe paper is thinner and wraps around the floral wire more easily.  You can stretch the petals by lightly pulling with your fingers and curl them with the skewer or pencil to shape them more easily too.

I am in love with them!  Won’t they make such a great Mother’s Day gift?!

Make easy crepe paper roses with DIY and template @savedbyloves


  1. I would much rather receive a gorgeous bouquet like this than real flowers! These are gorgeous Johnnie! Thanks for the awesome tutorial too.

  2. Never would have guessed they weren’t real – gorgeous!

  3. Oh my goodness, Johnnie…I thought these were real until I read the title!! I CANNOT wait to try them!!!!


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