Make Wood Pallet Wall Art

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves


Do you love the wood shipping pallet signs infiltrating home decor lately?  Learn how to make your very own aged pallet art.  The quote from Moulin Rouge is provided for you to use in your die cut machine, or as a tracing template.  You will also see how to age your sign with Cece Caldwell wax!  This project is easy and can be completed in an afternoon.

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves




STENCIL TEMPLATE – for mine, just click thumbnail below and save full res version that appears

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves

DIE CUT MACHINE – to create stencil from vinyl or contact paper


TRANSFER PAPER – to outline letters onto pallet






Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves


Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves

That is it!  I love my new sign.  It is proudly displayed in our guest room, which is quickly becoming my favorite room in the house.

Make #WoodPallet Moulin Rouge Quote Wall Art with Template and #Tutorial @savedbyloves

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  1. This looks fabulous! (And from one of the Best. Movies. Ever.) :)

  2. I’ve always wanted to make a wood pallet sign! Love this one!

  3. This is wonderful! Super cool, very crafty, and totally a brilliant idea.

  4. I love it! What die cute machine did you use?

  5. What did you use to change the color of the pallets before putting the lettering on? I noticed its much lighter, almost white.

  6. The message that this art conveys is beautiful and so very true!

  7. Such an amazing work of art!! :) Great job!

  8. Where do you find Cece Caldwell aging cream and wax? Home improvement store like lowes or Home Depot? Or a craft store like hobby lobby or Joann’s?

  9. Now that my sign is finished…. how on earth do I hang it up on the wall?

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Great question, Rachel! I wrapped craft wire around the vertical boards on the back and hung it on a screw mounted in a stud.

  10. Mallorie says:

    Exactly how did you make your stencil!!!

  11. How did you fill the letters in? Like the G.

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi there, I had a question about the letters as well… how did do the letters like B or D where there are parts of the letter not visible on the stencil, just the outlines of the letters would be. Thanks for any help you can give, I have been wanting to make one of these for so long. Also, how big did you cut your letters with the Cricut.

  13. Michelle says:

    hi there… can you tell me a little more about how you did the letters. I’ve been dying to make something like this and every time I cut a stencil or template out with my Cricut I can’t figure out how to get the letters like B or D to look right since the stencil just has the outline of the whole shape. Also, what size did you cut your letters.
    Thank you, it looks amazing!

  14. What a super fun and easy DIY project! I love it! Thanks for sharing the inspiration 😉

    Richelle Nicole @Dollusions

  15. Love your work! I have been having alot of fun with pallets lately – my latest project is a vertical garden and planter box! :)
    Ashlea Xx

  16. Jennifer says:

    What is the actual size of this sign?

  17. I have been wanting to do something like this for artwork I want to place on my wall. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. What font is your stencil? I can’t find a font like it anywhere.

  19. How do you keep the centers of the letters in place? ex. A’s and O’s. I can’t make those letters perfect. Thanks!

    • Contact paper duh! Lol I used my cricut and made stencils with card stock. Off to the store to get some!

  20. Where did you get the stencil from, and if you made them… how?!

  21. What material are you using for your stencil? Vinyl?

  22. Hi! Thanks for the great tutorial. I would like to draw your attention to a small error, however. Your directions state to wipe it with a “lent free” cloth, but the spelling should be “lint free.”


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