Make an Aluminum Can Poinsettia Wreath

How to Make A #Christmas #Wreath from #Recycled Cans #Upcycle #DIY @savedbyloves #Sizzix


Last week, I showed you this paper poinsettia wreath tutorial using a Sizzix flower petal die and card stock.  I decided to use the same die to create this aluminum can poinsettia wreath.  The “wreath form” is a stove top piece I picked up at my local Habitat for Humanity Restore, making this an all around eco-friendly holiday decoration.  Total project cost – about $1.

How to Make A #Christmas #Wreath from #Recycled Cans #Upcycle #DIY @savedbyloves #Sizzix

How to Make A #Christmas #Wreath from #Recycled Cans #Upcycle #DIY @savedbyloves #Sizzix

My Aluminum can rose video shows you how to cut the cans.  Be careful – they can be sharp when cut.

For creating the flowers using the die or template (provide in the following linked post), see the paper poinsettia wreath tutorial:
I use alcohol inks to color my poinsettia petala , like I showed you in my aluminum can leaf wreath tutorial.  To give each one some variation, I went over the petals with copic markers.  For the leaves, I used Martha Stewart Glitter paint.  I sealed my leaves with Mod Podge Pearl Spray Sealer.  I love the look of this sealer with the alcohol ink. 
How to Make A #Christmas #Wreath from #Recycled Cans #Upcycle #DIY @savedbyloves #Sizzix
How to Make A #Christmas #Wreath from #Recycled Cans #Upcycle #DIY @savedbyloves #Sizzix
To adhere the flowers to the circle stove part, I use Beacon Fabri-Tac.  This stuff rocks.  It is like hot glue in a bottle.  Dries strong and fast.
How to Make A #Christmas #Wreath from #Recycled Cans #Upcycle #DIY @savedbyloves #Sizzix
I finished the wreath off with a silver wire ribbon bow.  I love it against our off white door.  It was going to be a gift, but it just can’t leave that spot.  Sometimes that happens, right?!
Like aluminum can Christmas decor?  Check out our aluminum can angels:


  1. You are amazing. I can’t say it enough!
    (You’re amazing! There! I said it again!)

  2. This is gorgeous!!! It seriously looks store bought… you need to sell these!

  3. What a great idea to seal the leaves with Mod Podge Pearl! I LOVE that stuff!1 Perhaps I have Loved it too much…it’s gone rogue in the studio (probably hiding from me) :)

  4. This is crazy awesome! CRAZY AWESOME!

  5. I can’t believe the flowers are pop cans. Your wreath looks like a very expensive metal artist piece. You could sell them. Seriously.

  6. Those poinsettias are so gorgeous! What an amazing idea. Pinning to try before Christmas :)

  7. Melody Murphy says:

    I’m brand new to your site. I just couldn’t go past the pointsette wreathes that you’re showing! My question is how do you make the aluminum cans whatever safe? They should be incredibly sharp. So how do you make them safe to work with first off? And second, how do you make them safe for people to hang? As soon as I get any curious children (or adults! ) trying to touch them, how do i ensure that they don’t get their fingers sliced off? I also don’t own any puncher type things and can’t really afford them. That’s why I’m looking into crafts i can make totally by hand. Thank you very much for posting and for answering me. This site is awesome! God bless, Melody


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