Make Aluminum Can Angel Ornaments




Make #Recycled Aluminum Can Angel Ornaments #ChristmasDecor #Upcycle @savedbyloves

 Need some great handmade Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank?  Today’s project is an adorable, virtually free Christmas ornament made from an aluminum can.  I was recently gifted a cute coke can angel, and of course had to hack it.  I came up with a template, which you can download and cut out to trace onto a can.  The smaller winged angel takes only one can, no glue, and is easy to make!  The version with the larger wings takes 2 cans, this Sizzix Angel Wings die, and super glue.

Make #Recycled Aluminum Can Angel Ornaments #ChristmasDecor #Upcycle @savedbyloves


12 oz Soda Can
Large Beads for head
Seed Beads for Halo
Craft Wire 20 Gauge
Wire Cutter
Jewelry Pliers
Scissors for cutting Aluminum
Angel template
Craft knife
Needle Tool or Bead Reamer
Masking Tape (optional)


Make #Recycled Aluminum Can Angel Ornaments #ChristmasDecor #Upcycle @savedbyloves

For the larger wings, Cut out the template without the wings, fold can into cone shape then super glue larger wings onto back of angel.

Make #Recycled Aluminum Can Angel Ornaments #ChristmasDecor #Upcycle @savedbyloves

To string your ornament for hanging on your tree, loop a piece of string through the halo and you are all set!

***As always, when cutting aluminum cans, be very careful.  They are not as sharp as I thought they would be when I first began working with them, but obviously they are sharper than paper.

Make #Recycled Aluminum Can Angel Ornaments #ChristmasDecor #Upcycle @savedbyloves

Make #Recycled Aluminum Can Angel Ornaments #ChristmasDecor #Upcycle @savedbyloves

For more projects to make from recycled cans, make sure you check out our 60+ Recycled Can projects roundup!  It will leave your recycling bin devoid of cans, and add to your upcycled handmade crafts for Christmas and year round gift giving.


  1. You did a great job detailing how to make this ornament. I want to read about more of your creations!

  2. How to make the edges of coca cola can angel so that they aren’t sharp?????????


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