Make a Woven Belt Seat

Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY

Just as I was finishing up last week’s 50+ Ways to reuse old belts, I walked upon a scene that is a DIY, trash-obsessed, upcycling blogger’s dream.  It was 2 chairs with a “take me” sign.  Immediately the woven belt covered chairs in the collection came to mind.  I snatched up my new finds and brought them straight home.  See how I refinished the one on the left, and made it a cute woven belt seat.

Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY

To see 50+ Ways to Reuse Old Belts, click the thumbnail:

Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY


Old chair (FREE!!)

Painting or staining supplies

As I was applying the stain, I remembered why  I usually go with spray painting when I do a revamp.  Now that it is over, I am happy I refinished it.  I love the dark stain I used (Rustoleum Wood Stain in Kona)

Furniture tacks -$1.30 per pack  of 25 at Lowe’s; You will need 2 per belt needed to cover your chair

Old Belts – I have gathered these from various thrift stores and garage sales along the way.  I used mostly leather, but there is one fabric belt thrown in there too,  At Goodwill, old belts are $0.99.  Go on a half price day and get them for $0.50.  I used 18 belts for this project.  that will vary with the size of your chair and the width of your belts.


Scissors that will cut leather


Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY

I LOVE it!  It is sturdy as can be too.  The bottom is ugly, but who cares, right?

Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY

You can make this chair, no problem.  If you want to avoid the whole staining mess, just sand and spray paint your chair in a fun color.

Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY

Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY

Reuse old belts for a chair makeover at @savedbyloves #repurpose #upcycle #DIY


  1. This looks AMAZING! How funky and fun! Thanks for sharing the steps I’ll be prowling for busted up chairs next time Junk week comes around :)


  2. Hi, this project looks amazing! I have some chairs with seats that are no longer worth anything but didn’t want to throw them away. Now I know what to do with them!! Was wondering though, instead of using furniture tacks, do you think I could just tightly buckle the belts in place??

  3. Thank you for the lovely suggestions! You are so creative!!!

  4. Great idea. I think I saw this in the Re-Make-It book as an illustration. Looks brilliant.


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