Black Licorice Wreath DIY

Make a #HalloweenDIY Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

This project began as an idea I had to create a Halloween wreath from black jelly beans.  I couldn’t find any of those, and ust when I was about to abandon the plan, I spotted these little black licorice bites at the dollar store.  The rest of the story is pretty self explanatory.  I cut a wreath form from cardboard like I showed you in this fall wreath tutorial.

Make a #HalloweenDIY Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

To adhere the licorice, I began, admittedly, with a hot glue gun.  Um…no.  That was not my smartest moment.  As you can imagine, the glue melted the candy, and no adherence occurred.  I then tried tacky glue, which also reacted with the candy and didn’t stick.  Finally, I went for super glue.  That did the trick!

Make a #HalloweenDIY #Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

The flower I made from orange paint chips, using the Sizzix Create a Bow Die.  I used super glue to adhere it to the wreath.  The hanging mechanism is a fabric scrap I had left over from another project.

Make a #HalloweenDIY #Wreath from Licorice and paint chips @savedbyloves

I’m happy with my wreath, and at $4 total, it’s completely affordable.  What do you think?  Are there black jelly beans where you live?  I think those would have been easier to glue.


  1. The Black and Orange is so perfect for this time of the year! 😀 Did it get sticky? Does is smell good?

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Thanks Debra! It got sticky with everything except super glue. It was a learning experience, for sure. It doesn’t really smell to me, but my beagle is obsessed with it.

  2. I think it is awesome!! I am a bit of a nut for wreaths though. I am picturing you with the glue gun mess…doesn’t sound like much fun! And no, I don’t see black jelly beans here, either!


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