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Debi's Design

Did I get you attention with the gorgeous woman?  It wasn’t a ploy.  This article is all about her.  I recently took the leap and began doing video tutorials.  In finding my way around the process of shooting, and editing (which I am still very much doing), I asked for help.  That is how I met Debi, of Debi’s Design Diary.  She piped right in to give me some great tips, but what really got my attention was actually watching her videos.  If you can make me laugh and teach me to make something really cool while you are doing it, you have won my heart.  This woman is not only super crazy talented at design, but she is freaking hilarious (and down right adorable, as you can see).  Don’t even get me started on the puppy.   I am so excited to share this gem with you!

Debi's Design Diary

It was hard to decide which video to feature.  All of them make me want to get busy creating. I picked this one because I have a hideous love seat in need of a revamp.  You will have to go to Debi’s YouTube Channel for more.  If you are like me, this will be one of your favorite channels.  Debi’s blog is here, and her FB page here.


  1. Thanks for featuring me Johnnie,
    I am thrilled to be highlighted here, so many great craft tutorials and tons of inspiration!
    Welcome to the video world, it’s a wonderful adventure and an exciting way to share ideas, I am already loving your videos and looking forward to more!
    xo Debi

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