Paper Roses Another Way

Paper Rose Tutorial and TemplateBeing asked to do centerpieces at a June wedding, I have been trying out paper

rose methods like none other.  This is one of the first ones I came across, and it is

my favorite for several reasons.  It is quicker and less complicated than others, and the

result is gorgeous!  Not only that, but think about the money saved on flowers

when you make your own from paper, and they won’t die.  Perfect!

Wedding centerpiece ideas

I found the full tutorial at Ellinee, with free printable templates.

I have made paper roses using this method from cardstock, printer paper

and coffee filters.  They are all stunning, but heavyweight cardstock

makes the prettiest flowers in my opinion.  I like to chalk the edges

in a bright, contrasting color like here…

Paper rose tutorial

I just love it!!!

Here is one I made from coffee filters and painted with watercolor.

DIY Wedding Ideas

Since I need my roses with a stem for the centerpieces, I followed the tutorial linked

above, except I built the rose around a floral wire like I showed you

in this paper flower tutorial a couple of weeks back.

This is my favorite!  Remember it from this decorating with vintage

scrapbooking ephemera post?

Do you have a favorite paper flower tutorial?

I would love your ideas!


  1. Beautiful, love the ones that the edges are painted!!!

  2. Thanks for this wonderful article and the link to our rose templates. I love your variations on the roses! It is a great idea to add the floral wire for a stem.

  3. I love your roses. I was also wondering if you have a pattern for the plastic canvas victorian boot or a place I might find the pattern thats in the photo. Thank you , Judy


  1. […] in the video.  It only takes a few supplies and a minute to make.  Stick a paper rose in there (see this paper rose tutorial) and you have a lovely centerpiece or house warming gift.  I was completely intimidated by this […]

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