50+ Friday; Duct Tape Projects

50+ Duct Tape Crafts

Have you seen all the colorful, funky prints that duct tape comes in these days?  It even comes in sheets, something I learned in the process of compiling this round-up of duct tape crafts and projects.  From prom dresses and corsages to adorable purses and hair accessories, duct tape can be used to make things that will blow your mind.  I can’t wait to raid the duct tape aisle at my local craft store and get busy.  I am particularly excited about the paper organizer cubby, and all the duct tape flowers.  Yet another great idea for DIY wedding flowers and decor!  Enjoy this list, and please share your own duct tape crafts if I have missed you!


  1. Wow! There’s a ton of creativity here. I have nothing to add but enjoyed the creative minds

  2. Oh my gosh. I can’t believe how creative people are.

  3. I can’t wait to explore some of these!

  4. What a great collection of ideas! I have seen duct tape prom outfits…. pretty strange LOL

  5. I love all of these creative ideas! I just finished updating my master bedroom which included using white duct tape as trim. Here’s a link to my blog if you want to check it out. http://beauty4ashes-ellie.blogspot.com/2012/02/crown-molding-decorative-trim-and-duct.html

  6. Thanks for the feature! I’m loving all these great duct tape ideas, what a great collection! :)

  7. Hi There…the link to my duct tape journal is http://insightsandbellylaughs.com/?p=5248, sorry I had to delete the other post ..this is the updated link for the journal…sorry about that..!Thanks for sharing and featuring my journals..!

  8. Today is my first visit here and I must say I am very excited to explore your site. The only thing I would suggest is for you to maybe think of changing your link color…the pink is very hard to read (or at least it is very hard for me to read).

  9. Would love to see a 50 Things to do with bubble wrap, especially Color Bubbles Wrap :)

  10. I love your site! I was just googling (if that counts as a verb) and found your site. I also make many duct tape crafts like rings, purses, wallets, etc. I would love it if you stopped by my site (theducktapery.weebly.com). Thank you!

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Hailey. Googling is a verb in my book :) I will be checking out your creations, for sure. Contact me if you ever want to guest post a duct tape project here! I would love to have you. xoxo


  11. Those are great ideas. Some of those things I just cannot believe they are actually made with duct tape. Awesome crafts!!


  13. Did you see the balance board project in a recent issue of Family Fun? It used stripes of duct tape to cover the wood plank (no splinters!) and for added traction. Made one for our 9-year-old. She loves it!
    (On a side note: did you realize you have the duct tape covered boots on here twice?)
    Thanks for the great project ideas! 😀

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      That is so weird. I just threw together a red and white striped board for my patriotic mantel using red washi tap! If I had red duct tape on hand, I would have been all over it. Thanks for pointing out my repetitiveness. I must really like those boots!


  14. I just wanted to add to your list of things to do with duct tape. I just covered my granddaughters loft bed with zebra print duct tape! It turned out great!

  15. I love the “Prom dress at Katy Grahn” it is really pretty!

  16. I love the duct tape roses!(:

  17. SUCH a fun round up, thanks for doing all that work! I made a duct tape wall http://www.thenester.com/2012/08/no-paint-diamond-wall.html

    and leaves


  18. I’ve been making my own greeting cards for 2 years now…
    And this I’ve started a new line to add …duct tape purses and wallets …its a fun addiction when u have a lot of spare time on your hands:)


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