Thrifty Thursday Week 61 {Early Edition}

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Thrifty Thursday is up way early this week.  It would be more appropriately named Thrifty Wednesday, but that just doesn't roll.  Same party, different day.  Thanks for being here.  I always love seeing what you share.  You inspire me!


How it Works: No giveaways, shop or links to your main blog, please. That way we know when we come to Thrifty Thursday, we will only encounter DIY projects and not end up sifting through a bunch of other links. Entries not related, or to main blog pages/shops/giveaways will be deleted. Other stuff: *Please add a text link or my button to your post! *2 projects from the previous week’s linky will be spotlighted, so let them know they ROCK! *Please visit the at least the 2 blogs above you and shower them with comment love. *Leave me a comment and let me know you were here. I love hearing from you. *Have fun and be inspired! *My friend Nikki knows how to throw a great party too. Be there…


Z Gallerie Lamp Knock Off This Fabulous Z Gallerie Lamp Knock Off  is brought to you by Gardeners 2 Bergers.

lace water bottleLeave it to Carolyn from Homework to create this gorgeous vase from a water bottle.

Hand sewing on paper tutorial

Visit Adventures of our Fami-Ly for this detailed hand sewing on paper tutorial.


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