50+ Recycled T-Shirt Craft Projects

50 Recycled T-shirt Crafts

This week’s 50+ round-up will give you some ways to recycle those shirts you never wear into lovely home decor, jewelry, ruffled tops and much more.  Don’t have any?  Hit the thrift stores and garage sales to snatch up shirts for next to nothing, in the color palate  perfect for you project.  Enjoy!


50+ projects to make using old t-shirts #recycletshirts #upcycle #repurpose


  1. This is great. Thanks. I’m attending a Pinterest Girls Night in on Monday and my project was up-cycling t-shirts! Ya!

  2. I’m so excited to see my T-shirt wall art in your round up! Thank you so much for including it!

  3. Thank you for including my bleach pen shirt in your round up! I love all of these ideas!

  4. thanks for linking to my t-shirt rug!

  5. great post, i made some t-shirt ruffles for a cushion last night i would love it if you could link up at http://twiggstudios.blogspot.com/2012/02/hi-every-one-i-hope-you-have-had-great.html

  6. Thanks for featuring my Josephine Knot T-Shirt Bracelets! My blog is actually called Hot Polka Dot. :)

  7. Sorry maybe Im blind or an idiot but there is nothing here. Just the introduction and a picture. When I click on the picture it just pops up in another window. Im obviously missing something here. Can anyone help me?

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      You should see the 50 thumbnails below the 50+ T-shirt button. It shows up for me in Firefox, Safari and IE.

      • A year later but I’ve just landed here on an upcycling hunt :) and just to say: I had to allow something called Inlinkz before the thumbnails showed. Hope this helps someone!

  8. Thanks so much for featuring the Mielie T-shirt weaving! It’s been driving a ton of traffic to the post … hopefully drawing attention to this awesome little South African company!

  9. hi. Just wanted to say that the link for the rosette pillow is wrong… i wanted to see this so badly that I ended up googling craft goodies until I found the right one. Here is the correct link to that tutorial.

    Everything else is just great!! So excited to try so many of these projects! :)

  10. Thanks for linking to my rug tutorial, I appreciate it! Love all of these ideas, they’re all great for using up my scraps of t-shirts.

  11. Um, I don’t see any projects here. I can see them in your other treasuries, but not this one, so I think there’s a problem with this page.

  12. It’s sooo cool to see all these great upcycled tshirt ideas.

  13. can’t see the projects. :-/

  14. I can’t see anything

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Hmmm… not sure why. I checked Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer and all the tutorials are there. Let me know if you still don’t see it. Thanks.

  15. What did you use to adhere the pattern so well to the shirt?

  16. These are so great! I love recycling, I have tons of old clothes on my closet and is thinking of throwing them away or giving them in charity, but some are just important to me. These are such a great idea to be able to use the old clothes.

  17. :

  18. I have a tutorial for how to upcycle a Tshirt to make a pocket diaper (nappy) here:

  19. So many fun projects all in one place!! Gotta love a good t-shirt tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

    Take care,


  20. Maybe I can get my hubby to part with the t-shirts that he’s had for 20 years!

  21. This is such a great idea! And since I just cleaned out my closet I found tons of old T-shirts just dying for a makeover! Pinning!

  22. these are not loading up but they are great!!!


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