Magazine Page Soap Cozy

Magazine Page Crafts Dec. 26th brought an entire day of nothing but folding magazine pages into those beloved strips.  I have several projects in mind for these, which you will be seeing over the next few days.  Video tutorial is in the works!!  There have been tons of requests for one, and I am excited to say it is coming. recycled magazine page art For this, I just shaped my strips into a bottomless rectangle and put it over my soap dispenser.  We will see just how waterproof it is over time.  This project was quick, if you don't count strip folding.  I recommend spending a couple of days just rolling strips and having a ton before you start a project.  Splitting it up over days always makes it seem less time consuming for me.  If I make strips and a project all in the same day, I get pretty sick of the whole thing. Magazine Page Soap Cozy So, tomorrow's project is along the same lines.  It will be in the same room.  If you guess it, I will send it to you to use in your very own kitchen.  Leave your guess in the comments!  Hurry.  You must guess before I post tomorrow. Magazine Page Soap Cozy
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