Recycled T-shirt Christmas Tree

Handmade Christmas Decorations Do you just love all the ways to decorate foam cones into Christmas tree decorations?  I have had this tall foam cone just sitting on my mantel for a couple of weeks, waiting for inspiration to set me into action.  I was rooting around in my stash, when I ran across this pile of t-shirt strips I had left over from the recycled shirt wreath I showed you a couple of weeks back... T shirt Crafts Pretty simple project.  I just started at the top of the cone, stuck a tack in, and wound around to the bottom.  I had to add new strips a couple of times... tacks.  Easiest decoration ever.  And it is fitting right in with my white, silver and red thing I have going on here. Home made Christmas Ornaments Recycled T-shirt Crafts Christmas decorating ideas T shirt Crafts
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