Spray Painted Chevron Stencil Rug

  How to Make Chevron Rug   Have you been wanting to jump on the chevron home decor wagon?  This simple spray painted rug is just the way to do it.  I picked up a light colored throw rug from a garage sale, and with some spray paint and a vinyl stencil, transformed it into the blue and white beauty you see here!  Follow along as I show you the step by step. Supplies:
  • Lightly colored rug
  • Vinyl Chevron Stencil (I created the pattern in photoshop and cut it with my cricut)
  • Spray paint in 2 contrasting colors
  • Painters tape and old newspaper
  • Protect your work surface and spray paint the base coat color.  I used Valspar in a shade of blue.
How to Make Chevron Rug
  • Once your base coat is dry (I had to do 2 coats to get the coverage I wanted), you are ready to stencil.  Here is the jpg image I made in photoshop and opened in Sure Cuts Alot to create a cut file for my cricut.  Feel free to use it!  I cut 2 zig zags and did my rug in segments, taping off the areas I didn't want painted as I went along.
How to Make a Chevron
  • That is all!  I placed my stencils varying distances apart, in such away as to get this result...
How to Make Chevron Rug My beagle likes the new addition to the room, or maybe he just wanted some camera time! How to Make Chevron How to Make Chevron How to Make ChevronOh joy!  I love how this room is coming together.  What do you think?
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