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Yes, you guessed it, more coiled magazine page crafts.  This obsession is not leaving anytime soon.  Ready for another unique, practically free, handmade gift idea.  These are the easiest of the magazine/newspaper crafts I have shared so far.  You are going to want to grab a captivating mini series to get lost in while you fold.

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I showed you how to make the round coils in this earlier post.  Just follow the instructions and make the coils coaster sized.  That is it.  Tie a piece of ribbon or twine around them and give them as Christmas gifts.  So cute!!!

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What are your favorite recycled paper projects?


  1. This is a great gift idea!

  2. OOOOOOh – I see these everywhere and always wanted to know how to make them. Thanks for the information and the inspiration – what fun!!! I can’t wait to try this project – my 4 year old is huge into recycling, so she’ll love it too. Thanks for sharing – I’ll keep you poted on how it goes. :)

  3. This is what I made with recycled magazine papers:


  4. This is a really cool idea. What fun, unique little gifts!

  5. These are AMAZING! I’m already thinking of half a dozen people I could give these to as gifts. They’re such a neat idea! You mentioned “another magazine recycling project” – do you have links to others that you’ve done?

  6. Very cool! They look so unique!

    Does the condensation from the glass ruin them over time though?

  7. I love how these almost look like old movie film lined up like that. Great recycling project :)

  8. I wanted to let you know that I featured this on my “What I Bookmarked” Post – stop by and see. And thank you for the inspiration I cant wait to make this!

  9. So cool!! Great way to recycle magazines!!
    Thanks for linking up to Southern Lovely’s Show & Share!!
    We’d love to see you again!!

  10. Thanks so much for posting this! I found you party hopping and think these would make really cute placemats! I’ve never used Mod Podge. Will it seal it well enough for use on something like placemats?

  11. Love these coasters!!! I need to give one of the many coiled magazine paper crafts that you’ve blogged about!

  12. Love these; they are so colorful! I will have to try this! I have made coiled paper wreaths similar to this.

  13. do you need modgepodge for the coasters? Or just for the cross you made? Great idea, btw, i’m going to make some! Love the color pop!

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      Good question. You definitely want to use Mod Podge or some other water resistant sealant for the coasters. I recommend at least 2 coats, with drying between applications.

  14. my modge podge isnt waterproof….is there another kind?? these are so cute…love them and thanks for the inspiration!

    • SavedByLoveCreations says:

      I don’t have problems with the coasters using mod podge, 3 coats, drying between. Polycrylic by minwax is a great waterproof sealer that I use on my paper beads. That would do the trick here.

  15. Debra Kapellakis says:

    These are amazing. I can’t wait to try and make them. I don’t have mod podge here but I hope to find something like it.

  16. I love these! I’m so glad this ‘upcycling’ movements happening- not only is it awesome for the environment but it makes the prettiest projects too! haha! thanks for sharing! love it!

  17. What is the black holder you placed on the bottom? And what brand of glue did you use as a sealant and durability?

  18. Thanks for the great Idea…I try to repurpose all I can.

    Also, my daughter has the same name as you, only we spell hers Joni

  19. HOW THE HECK DID YOU GET THE COILS SO EVEN!!! I have seen many projects that use coiled magazine paper but most of them look clumpy and kind of rough. I was amazed at how smooth and even your coasters turned out …. and really MUST know your secret before I start my first coiled project!
    Thanks so much for showing us your work ( love the cross as well!)

  20. I just wanted to know what you sealed these coasters with? Because the paper would obviously get mushy with the sweat from the drinks.



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