Coiled Magazine Page Dish With Lid

Recycled Craft IdeasAre you looking for that unique, beautiful handmade gift that will make a big splash without breaking your bank account?  Look no further.  Coiled magazine page craft projects are the way to go.  This little container with adorable lid costs nothing but your time, a stack of old magazines and some Mod Podge.  Grab your glue gun and start coiling.


  • Old magazines
  • Glue gun
  • Bone Folder
  • Mod Podge


  • I started with the top of the lid and made a coil like I showed you in this post.  I put a thin line of hot glue around the bottom of my coil (the red coil shown below) and began wrapping a new strip, lining its top up with the bottom of the original coil to give the sloped shape of the lid.  I continued wrapping strips in this fashion until I couldn’t take it any longer my lid was the diameter I wanted.

Green Crafts

  • For the bowl part, I again started with a flat coil at the bottom, and worked my way up and out, adding strip by strip with hot glue until the diameter matched the lid!  Super easy.  Not all that fast, but totally worth it, don’t you think?

Recycled Paper Art

  • Finish up with a couple of coats of mod podge.  I prefer matte for these coiled paper projects.  I tried gloss on a coiled paper pendant and didn’t like the look.

How to make a paper bowl

Recycled Paper CraftsTIP:  Go to your local Asian market and grab some magazines for super bright ads and pages.  Alternate white with color strips for a contrast striped effect.

I am so excited about this dish.  I think I will put spare change it there, or maybe earrings.  What are your favorite green craft projects?


  1. I think this looks really sleek. The pictures make it look darling and hip at the same time. So, gotta load up on some magazines and a miniseries I guess.

  2. I really like this. I wonder what I could keep in it..?

    • Pat MacDonald says:

      Small pieces of jewelry would go in it and your change from your pants pockets each evening.; I just don’t think it would be a good place to pur a live flower in water. lol

  3. I love this! And I have a ton of magazines I need to get rid of, so here I go!

  4. I love this bowl, what a fab idea!

  5. i think u shuld upload a video for dis fantastic creation:)….

  6. I am so going to make some of these!! This looks like so much fun! Thank you for sharing. 😉

  7. I have got to make one of these – what a cool project

  8. Johnnie,

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I have been trying to figure out what to do with all the FREE magazines I get and you just gave me the answer!

    Thanks for sharing. I’m pinning this one on pinterest for sure!

  9. This is amazing!! LOVE it! :)


  11. This is amazing! I know for sure I would not have the patience to do it. :)

  12. Carol Samsel says:

    AWESOME!!!!! I know what I’ll be doing come some long winter night!

  13. love it. pinning it. maybe, one day, doing it. 😉

  14. What a fun idea! My Mom is an artist and always prefers a homeade gift. I’m thinking this would be lovely for christmas filled with some funky jewelry. 😉 Thanks for the tutorial!

  15. wow, this is amazing and so unique! i love it so much! great job.

    i would love for you to come link up this or any other amazing project at my creativity party going on right now!

    thanks so much for sharing!

  16. I love this! The Warming Hut at Crissy Field in San Francisco had a lot of cute magazine coiled crafts for sale and I was wondering how to make them – thanks for the tutorial :-)

  17. What a neat idea! I am going to start saving up my magazines! Love it!

  18. Your repurposed magazine projects are the BEST I have seen and I have been ALL OVER THE internet for info about magazine projects.

  19. You are an absolute magazine coil master! Positively beautiful! Pinned and Stumbled too.

  20. Loving these magazine pieces you are doing (I have like 1000 magazines around here)

  21. Johnnie, this is my favorite. I love it!!

  22. Wow, great! How many magazines did you use?

  23. Marcella Crane says:

    I love this! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Valerie Goodwin says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! thanks so much for sharing! This is absolutely gorgeous! I love it!!

  25. This is brilliant! I’m always after new ideas for gifts on a budget and these bowls filled with wrapped choccies & lollies will make perfect presents. Thanks so much for sharing!

  26. i absolutely love these. i’m trying to figure out how you go from the bottom coiled piece and then build up. can you explain that? i really want to start working on these soon. i have been wanting to make these so bad! please help? thanks.

    • Linsy Joyner says:

      Agreed, I can’t figure out how to get the nice shape that these pictures have. I’m not sure how big the base coil should be and if she used half sheets or whole sheets.

      • SavedByLoveCreations says:

        It takes a lot of patience and practice. I made so many not so pretty ones before I got the feel of perfectly folding the strips. I haven’t done any of these forever since time doesn’t allow and I have moved onto other things. I wish I had done a more detailed tutorial back then since so many people have trouble with it, but the main thing is just putting in the hours with the medium. My coils look nicer with half sheets.

  27. Love this technique! Have seen some amazing necklaces made by prisoners. Great gift idea (to self!) here. 😉

  28. Hoe maak je die potten van paper graag een nederlandstalige uitleg aub met stap voor stap uitgelegt en foto’s

  29. De uitleg mag je versturen via mail

  30. I love this idea want to make one but how did u keep it from bunching up and having uneven paper at the end of ur coil??

  31. Love the bol… Just one littler problem, I speak french and I understand english. I would have like to see a step-by-step image. I don’t understand how you do the first part. neither the bottom of the dish. Thank you, really beautifull project. Have you seen Isa Papasian work?

  32. love this. I remember Earth Bound had stuff like this and i loved it but they charged 40-70 for it. Now i can do it myself for like 10 at the most

  33. It looks fantastic, and affordable for someone like me who loves to decorate but have no budget whatsoever for it. I was just wondering if you would have a video explaining how did you do it. I’m one of those unfortunate ppl who are only visual :(

  34. Just had to point out that buying new magazines in order to “recycle” them into something is not green in any way. Opshop magazines, that’s different.

  35. This is ALL kinds of beautiful. Am still trying to wrap my mind around it. Super chic, I bet it requires patience.

  36. Neeti Hegde says:

    This is really beautiful, have worked on something smiliar, but coiled it around like a coaster and then lifted the edges slowly to make a bowl. Is that how you also work it ?

  37. Just this listed on Pinterest. Love this site.

  38. Following the instructions did not produce a heart shape. What I got was a thick V! How do you make the “shoulders” of the heart?


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